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  • Conference room
    for 80 people
    arranging events up to 140 people

Rooms & Price

There are 18 rooms, 1 single with balcony (150 LEI), 1 apartment lux with double bed with balcony (350 LEI), 1 three or four beds (300-350 LEI), 4 double with balcony (200 LEI), 7 mansard double room (200 LEI), 1 double with balcony (200 LEI), 1 apartment with double bed (300 LEI), 2 mansard double room (200 LEI), reserved bed 80 LEI.

All prices include the breakfast you can choose from the menu.

About us

West Motel Restaurant is situated near the Urziceni bordercrossing, at the end of the village, by the side of Mogyoros stream, in a silent green area, at only 7 km from Carei. Our motel's caracteristic is that the athmosphere is familiar, the tastes are home-made-like. The cooks have brought with them their home tastes, their love for spices, wich can be felt on our courses. In fonding West Motel Restaurant were for my help my parents, who have more decades of experience in catering/hostessing, and with their advices contributed to our succeses. I believe that anyone who we recieve will spread our good reputation.

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