Company history

Stadion Bar family association, Ludy SRL, 1991-2024

Ludy Ltd. started as a family business in summer 1991. Fondating members are Ludescher György, and Ludescher Piroska, my parents, and my father's brother, Ludescher Oszkár.

The enterprise appeared among the first ones in Carei after the revolution in 1989. The Stadion Bar, was the 3rd pub in town and owadays it is one of the oldest ones. At the very beggining, my mother and my uncle were workng in shit, but soon my father gav eup his work and joined them. which still seemed not to be enough and soon appeared the first employees. In a few years time, as the result of the hard work, the enterprise grew with another pub.

About this time my uncle leaves the firm, so everything stays in family and on 23.02.1993 Stadion samily business changes into Ludy Ltd. 1991-1996, while studying phisics at the university, I was responsible with supplying. The situation was agravated by my father's serious car accident, which consequency was that he fell in half year long coma and needed permanent supervision. After garduating from university I joined the national service, which I interrupted in winter 1996, as a result of a major tragedy, my mother's loss.

In spring 1997 started the real boom. Two weeks before my disarmament I got from my father a 14 m2 place, which used to run as confectionery, an I started a wholesale trade, which after 11 years looks still aknowledged and succesfull. In 2002 we opened our first mini-market on 100 m2, which we developed in 2007. At that time, and of course nowadays too, it is one of the modernest shops in Carei.

In 2003 comes the other mini-market, which grows to 260 m2 and it can be found in the centre of the biggest block of flats in Carei.

At that time I found out about the opening in the nearby of a border crossing checkpoint, which encouraged me to expand my business to to tourism and catering, industry, and I succeeded in buying an old country house near the border.

Still in 2003 we opened our 3rd shop, in the place of the old wholesale trade, which got a new imposing building.

In 2005 we started to materialize a very difficult dream, the building of West Motel Restaurant. In One year's time, in april 2006, we opened within the restaurant our 4th shop, and by teh end of the year it is followed by by the most imposing hotel and restaurant in the neighbourhood.

That is how West Motel Restaurant was born, by the end of 2006, situated at 7 kms from Carei, easy to approach , by the main road, right by the Urziceni border crossing checkpoint, at the end of the village, by the Mogyoros stream, in a silent green area. Soon, this restless and superhuman work, which pretended huge financial efforts, too, brought its redult. At its very first birthday we obliged to give the shop a rest, in order to be able to give more space to the catering bussinisses. In nearly 2 years time the restaurant was developed to 150 seats and the accomodation part soon will reach up to 25 rooms. By the end of 2007 our staff is made of nearly 60 persons, whose profesional training and efficiency had a great contribution in the fact that now for four years. In its category our company is the first place in the county. I really trust that whoever we recieve will spread our good reputation.

Ludescher Norbert

the owner