Opportunities and Sights

West Motel opportunities and sights


Leisure activities:

Strand, cure-bath in the hand, quad



Money exchange

Together with rural events:

Kirbály ( 3. May ), the day of the village ( last sunday in July ), vintage bal ( the end of September ), strudli festival ( Vállaj, Pünkösd )


Castel of earl Károlyi, museum

The Károlyi castle complex in Carei is an ensemble of historical monuments located on the territory of Carei, the work of architect Arthur Meinig.

The Monument of the Romainan Soldier

Located in the center of the city, the monument is the work of sculptor Vida Gheza and architect Anton Damboianu.

Ady Endre
Memorial House Ady Endre
This house was born Hungarian poet Endre Ady. The memorial house, today the museum has the status of a historical monument.
Roman Catholic Church St. Joseph of Calasanz

he most beautiful Baroque building in Satu Mare County.

The foundations of the church were laid in 1769 by Count Antal Károlyi, who also incurred the costs of funding. The construction works were carried out under the guidance of the façade constructor Ferenc Sieber, following the plans of the Viennese architect Franz Rosenstingl.

The crypt of the Károlyi family

In the crypt behind the altar, with the cross-shaped plan, 36 members of the Károlyi family spend their sleeping in bronze sarcofage.